Catskill Murder Mystery


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It’s the summer of 1973. Nineteen-year-old Amy Bernstein is helping to put herself through college by working as a cocktail waitress at a popular resort in New York’s Catskill Mountains. Amy has spent most of her summers in the Borscht Belt, leaving the Long Island suburbs to play in the halcyon meadows of “the Jewish Alps.” Amy shares a cabin with girls her own age, but one day an older woman, Rita Connelly, shows up to work with them, and she’s a person with secrets. She leaves every night after work to join her mysterious boyfriend. But one night, she vanishes altogether. Amy is intrigued. Is Rita floating in the Hudson River? Amy and her roommates set out to solve the mystery of Rita’s disappearance.

In the meantime, one after the other, Amy’s roommates become victims of foul play. Are their misfortunes connected to Rita’s exit? Who’s behind all the mayhem?

Catskill Murder Mystery is a fun and exciting read, filled with relatable characters and surprising plot twists to the very end. You don’t have to have had the Borscht Belt experience to enjoy this book. But it wouldn’t hurt!